GYC West Annual Conference

God has called every generation to stand unflinchingly for Christ and His truth, and today is no different. Are you ready to stand though the heavens fall? Come aside with GYC West this summer for an unforgettable, outdoor experience down by the riverside at the Albion Field Station to prepare to stand in these last days for the final conflict ahead.

This year's GYC West is being held at Albion Field Station, mere walking distance from the Pacific ocean. 34000 Albion St, Albion, CA 95410 Expect temperatures in the 50° to 70° range, with refreshingly moist ocean winds and lots of sun. Be sure to bring an active mind, your Bible, and notepaper as this year's content is designed to bring you not only closer to our Savior, but also to give you the tools you need to become a strong worker for Him at your home and at your church. Please be aware that we will be recording and live streaming our events, so please dress modestly.


GYC West


Albion Field Station


Jun 5 – Jun 9