A Thinking Generation


Theories abound in regard to the best practices for raising and educating children. Can we know what methods actually work best?


Is it possible that some of today’s most common practices are actually doing our children more harm than good?

Most importantly, what is the spiritual impact of our educational and child-rearing practices?

Begun in 2012, A Thinking Generation is a ministry dedicated to helping answer the most pressing questions in early childhood today. Using the latest brain science and educational research, Joshua White paints a clear and compelling picture of God’s methods of raising and educating children and pulls back the veil to expose some of Satan’s most successful attacks on our children today.

The strength of the church, the strength of society, hinge on the proper education of the young. Through seminars, consultations, DVDs, and books, the goal of this ministry is to provide parents with the information and tools they need to educate their children for God’s kingdom; to give them a practical understanding of the workings of the child’s brain and how to best work with it; and to understand the principles of true education and how to best apply them.

Joshua also works with teachers and schools to help provide brain-friendly methods of education - methods designed to educate the mind, body, and soul of each child - to prepare them to be citizens of this earth and, most importantly, to be citizens of Heaven.