Abide Wellness Retreat


Come abide with us awhile for a dedicated personalised experience to restore and maintain your health through natural methods and treatments.


Everyone at sometime in their busy life needs to come aside and take stock of their health and wellbeing. Sometimes it might just require something out of the ordinary, or it might mean a sea change or a pace reset. Abide Wellness Retreat provides a tranquil environment where you can come aside and rest awhile. If you’re feeling overwhelmed physically, emotionally or your simply not coping or needing that recharge to motivate your vitality, Abide Wellness is the one place, that sanctuary that will surprise you beyond your expectation.

Here’s where time becomes your precious companion and not your enemy. Your wellness is your most valuable resource and can reward you with a quality of life beyond your imagination. Abiding in wellness will bring you blessings beyond measure.

Abide Wellness Retreat is nestled on top of Victoria’s Yarra Ranges just a short distance away from the picturesque Black Spur. Surrounded by eucalyptus and fern forest are over 100 acres of beautiful small gardens, vast lawns, lofty trees, mountain streams and walking trails with breath-taking vistas of the Great Dividing Range. This pristine Australian nature setting will rejuvenate, soothe, nurture and inspire you towards healthy living.

Abide Wellness Retreat is dedicated to restoring and maintaining your health through natural treatments.

Nature is the effectual restorer and possesses curative powers. All intelligent men and women can bring about great physical improvement when they understand the true principles of health.

What sets Abide Wellness Retreat apart is our kind and caring staff and our aim to guide you towards a life of physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Experience has taught us that lifestyle adjustments and natural remedies and therapies can be effective in alleviating many and varied conditions which often coexist together.

An integrative approach can also be invaluable for those recovering from, or preparing for, cancer treatments, post-op recovery, or restoring your health from many other medical procedures.

Our aim is to make you feel better, by improving your health, and give you the tools to maintain it in your busy life.