Adventist World Aviation


Adventist World Aviation is a humanitarian aid organization; a supporting ministry of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Founded in 1995 by the General Conference president and administration to meet the demands of isolated frontier missionaries in desperate need of air support.


AWA has operations in the United States (including Alaska), Canada, Philippines, Nicaragua, Brazil and Guyana. AWA operates a fleet of over 20 aircraft. Our mission flights support isolated communities in a variety of ways: medical evacuations; medical outreach, such as vaccinations and general clinics; dental outreach; lifestyle and health programs; and Christian ministries, such as church planting and Bible studies.

In addition to our mission projects, AWA operates a flight program at Thunderbird SDA Academy located in Arizona.

All of AWA missionary and operational support is provided by donations. Our donors receive monthly newsletters and appeal letters, and the quarterly issue of AirWays. We have an office in Canada with corporate headquarters located in the U.S. in North Carolina.