Adventist World Radio


No walls, no borders, no limits. AWR’s broadcasts travel where missionaries cannot go, transforming lives for eternity.


AWR broadcasts the Advent hope in Christ through the most effective media to the people of the world in their own languages. Radio overcomes the barriers of government restrictions, cultural opposition, illiteracy, and geography.

We use shortwave radio, national radio networks, local FM stations, on demand, podcasts, and solar audio players with pre-loaded content.

Our powerful flagship shortwave station on the island of Guam broadcasts programs thousands of miles across the Asia/Pacific region, in more than 30 languages.

People can listen privately to the voice of hope in places where evangelism is prohibited by law and sometimes punishable by death. Also, they do not need to be literate to access the gospel message. In many of our target areas, radios are much more available and affordable than televisions or Christian printed materials.

Non-Internet broadcasts can be heard by three quarters of the world’s population. The target audiences are non-Christian listeners in the highly-populated and less-evangelized areas of the world, such as Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

Producers in local studios create programs in more than 100 “heart languages” – the mother tongues which touch listeners’ hearts most profoundly. More languages are added as producers and airtime funding become available.

Our goal is to reach every person with the saving message of God’s love, through programs aired in the 200+ “critically-important” languages spoken in the world – which can be made possible through your financial partnership.