Fountainview Academy


God has played a huge part in the conception, creation, and development of Fountainview Academy. In 1975, He inspired several Adventist laymen with the vision of starting a boarding school patterned as closely as possible to the principles laid out in the book “Education” by Ellen G. White.


This idea turned into reality when the men started a small school near Lytton, BC on an old estate called Earlscourt Farms. After a few years, when it was learned the estate couldn’t be purchased, the school was moved to its current location across the river, farther north, to a plot of land near Lillooet, BC. Originally calledFountainview Farms Christian Youth Training Center, this new school was unique because students received a more balanced education containing both vocational and academic work. Students also had the opportunity to grow spiritually in the school’s strong Christian environment. Since that time, God has led the school a long way—through a continual improvement of facilities, industry, academics, and atmosphere—and through a number of milestones, like the school’s merger with the now-closed Fairhaven Academy in ’95-’97. Through this whole journey, the school has strived to keep Christ as its focus, and has adopted the mission of giving young people the opportunity to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Many people know that Fountainview Academy is a unique place. Some know that we perform music and grow carrots. And quite a number have experienced the school’s distinct Christian flavour for themselves. But few know the school’s rich history—the story of how it became what it is now. From nothing more than an idea in 1975 to a thriving educational institution today, God has led Fountainview a long way. Below is the story of that journey.