Water for Life


Water for Life began as an endeavor of volunteers working together to solve a contaminated water problem at an orphanage and school in the Petén region of Guatemala. Started by the Bartholomew family of Spokane Washington, it has grown into an organized charity, registered as a 501C3 non-profit corporation in Washington state and the IRS.


The mission of Water for Life is to provide safe water to remote villages in N.E. Guatemala. Water adds life and longevity to the Guatemalans. This is one way of many we seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ to people living there.

Water for life operates entirely by volunteer efforts and donations. Less than 10% of the funds received go toward administration of the charity. No officer or director is paid and none of our drillers are paid. All drillers are volunteers from across the country who donate their time, talents, and treasures (money and equipment) to the cause. Water for Life believes in and seeks sustainability of the water supplies we provide. When the drilling is finished and the well is complete, we maintain the village pumps through training workers who utilize our tools and machinery.

We work closely with the local Ministry of Health to identify villages where wells most needed and to identify public land within the villages for a well.