Maranatha Peru Family

Maranatha offers at least two family projects each year that provide service opportunities for every member of your family, both young and old. This year, spend Christmas in Peru!

Maranatha worked all throughout Peru in the early 2000’s. The churches and schools that were completed have since blossomed and created a need for even more urgently-needed church and school buildings. Local church leadership have requested assistance once again, and Maranatha is gladly responding to this call. Volunteers on this project will be the first volunteers on this new round of projects and will be working just outside of Lima near the city of Ñaña. In 2005, volunteers on Maranatha’s Christmas Family Project constructed a large Education and Evangelism Center near the Universidad Peruana Unión, the large Adventist University, which is used as an elementary school. Volunteers will help with annual maintenance by painting the exterior of this large building. In addition, volunteers will work at the nearby Huaycan church where they will construct Sabbath school classrooms using brick construction. In addition, the group will also paint a nearby church called La Alameda that was built by Maranatha volunteers in 2004. This church has grown extensively since it was constructed and now has three daughter churches, which the groups will also interact with. In addition to the painting and construction that the group will complete, this is also an area where medical and dental clinics are needed and would be well received. Depending on the volunteers who join, this project will include a large medical and dental clinic, health education, and children’s ministry programs. A special day camp will be offered for children 12 and under.


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Dec 19, 2019 – Dec 29, 2019