Maranatha India

Join volunteers in India and construct new classrooms for the Jingshai Mihngi Adventist School in northeastern India.

The school is located in the town of Jowai, Meghalaya, India. In 2005, Adventist parents in the region were worried about sending their children to local public schools due to conflicts with the Sabbath and sending their children to the nearest Adventist boarding school was financially impossible. So at the request of the conference, they started the Jingshai Mihngi school in a rented building in town. The school started with 150 students and 13 teachers. Today, they have rented a bigger building in town and have more than 430 students. But the new building still doesn’t accommodate the growing number of students hoping to enroll each year. The current campus also has other major issues including roof leaks and an improper sewage drainage system which close the school during heavy rains. The local Adventist conference has reached out for Maranatha’s assistance to build twelve brand-new classrooms on a new property on the edge of town. Volunteers on this project will help meet this immediate need by construction several brick classroom buildings. In addition, depending on the number of volunteers on the project, the volunteers can reach out into the local community to conduct outreach such as children’s ministry programs and health education.


Maranatha Volunteers International




Feb 6 – Feb 16