Maranatha Bolivia

Join Maranatha volunteers at the Entre Rios School, near Santa Cruz, Bolivia!

At one time, there were more than 400 students in this thriving pre-K through eighth grade school, but recently, the local government has been building schools in every neighborhood, and many parents are choosing to send their children to the public schools out of convenience. The Christian education at the Entre Rios school is, in many ways, stronger than what the children receive elsewhere, but the facilities didn’t reflect that quality education. The Adventist church leadership requested Maranatha’s assistance in providing new classrooms that will provide a better learning environment and bring the school up to the same standard as the schools in the surrounding area. Volunteers on this project will help finish off the construction of the new classrooms by completing the remaining block masonry work, roofing the second building, and pouring sidewalks. Depending on the number of volunteers on the project, there may also be opportunities to reach out to the community through community outreach and children’s ministry programs.


Maranatha Volunteers International


Santa Cruz de la Sierra


Oct 16, 2019 – Oct 27, 2019