Maranatha Cote d'Ivoire

Join Maranatha on the first project in Cote d’Ivoire! This country in western Africa (formerly known as Ivory Coast) is predominately Muslim and the Adventist Church leadership have requested Maranatha’s assistance in providing much-needed churches and schools so they can continue to spread the message of Christ.

Volunteers on this project will be working at the Abebroukoi Church which is located in a suburb of Abidjan that is densely populated and significantly Muslim. The congregation currently meets in a porch-like structure that has a roof, but is otherwise open to the elements, and the children meet under a very basic wooden pole structure. The congregation has plans to operate a small two-room school on the property as a ministry to the neighborhood. Volunteers will help with the block construction of the church and school. Depending on the volunteers who join the team, the group will also conduct local community outreach and children’s programs.


Maranatha Volunteers International


Côte d'Ivoire


Jan 30 – Feb 11