Maranatha Brazil Project

Join Maranatha in the beautiful country of Brazil! Volunteers in this group will be working in a suburb of the city of Sao Paulo called Franco da Rocha. The Parque Paulista church currently has 50 members and they’ve been adding to their numbers! But they currently meet in a small storefront and they can’t continue to grow because of the lack of space. The members have been focused on building a new church and have been saving money. They recently purchased property about two blocks from their rented location and will be a great location for this thriving congregation. Volunteers on this project will be building a new church for the Parque Paulista church and depending on the number of volunteers register, may also reach out into the surrounding community through outreach projects and children’s ministry programs.


Maranatha Volunteers International


São Paulo, Brazil


Jan 24 – Feb 3