Maranatha Dominica Project

On September 18, 2017, Hurricane Maria, a category 5 hurricane, plowed into Dominica. Rain and winds of more than 200 mph tore through the country. More than two dozen people lost their lives. Thousands of homes were impacted. Out of the 34 Adventist churches on the island, 28 were damaged or destroyed. Later that year, Maranatha received the request for rebuilding assistance from the Adventist Church in Dominica.

Volunteers on this project will start the construction of the Wesley Adventist Church’s community service building which was completely leveled by the hurricane. Volunteers will start the masonry construction of the walls. In addition to the construction, there are many needs on the island. If there are enough volunteers and leadership, there will be opportunities to spread hope and joy to these individuals through a variety of outreach activities such as children’s ministry programs and health education.


Maranatha Volunteers International




Feb 20 – Mar 3