Maranatha Zambia Project

Maranatha is headed back to Zambia! From 2010-2014 Maranatha sent volunteers to construct churches and schools throughout the country. Now, four years later, Maranatha is responding to the request of the regional church leadership and is once again headed back to Zambia. We will begin work at the Kabwe Adventist Primary School.

The school currently has 473 students from Pre-K to Secondary, 350 of those students are in the primary school. They currently meet in a very small, crowded facility in the heart of the city. The school is well-run, but they are severely limited by space. To solve some of the problems, the school would like to move the primary portion of the school to a new location on the outer edge of the town on a piece of property with the new conference office. Maranatha volunteers on this project will be assisting with the masonry construction of a new 12-classroom school campus. If we have enough skilled volunteers register, we would also like to reach out into the community through activities such as vacation Bible school programs and health education. This project also includes a safari excursion and a visit to the world-famous Victoria Falls at the end of the project.


Maranatha Volunteers International




Jan 30 – Feb 13