1. Mar 24

    Total Youth Involvement #100K

    Mar 24 – Mar 30
    Total Member Involvement
    Young adults and ambassadors to lead 100,000 preaching sites or small groups around the world.
  2. Mar 27

    GYC Northwest Annual Conference

    Mar 27 – Mar 31
    GYC Northwest Upper Columbia Academy
    The love of God. Vast, all-encompassing. Passionate, yet tender. Wooing and enabling. This love was channeled in an inconceivable act of self-sacrifice - an act that brought heaven down to earth just so that we could be free to return that love.
  3. Mar 30

    AFCOE Evangelistic Intensive Weekend

    Mar 30 at 1 am – Mar 31 at 7 pm
    Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism Los Angeles White Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church
    Please join us for an Amazing Disciples intensive weekend—three days of empowering outreach training, March 29–31, at the White Memorial SDA Church in Los Angeles. See you there!
  4. Apr 05

    ARME Bible Camp

    Apr 5 – Apr 7
    ARME Bible Camp Taylor Circle
    Join us with speakers Ivor Myers, Dee Casper, and Julia O'Carey
  5. Apr 14

    Bite Size Talks

    Apr 14 at 3:30 pm – Apr 15 at 12 am
    Bite Size Talks Linda Hall Campus Hill Church
    Bite Size Talks is a platform where faith and food meet! It enables a network of people passionate about food to share their story of faith while serving and connecting with their community. Its a movement aimed to inspire and equip the next generation with one healthy bite at a time!
  6. Apr 22

    OCI International Retreat 2019

    Apr 22 – Apr 27
    Outpost Centers International Angkor Paradise Hotel
    People pulling on the same side of a rope. A muscle that increases the effectiveness of another muscle. This is synergy. This is what God is calling us to. Through Jesus.
  7. Jun 05

    GYC West Annual Conference

    Jun 5 – Jun 9
    GYC West Albion Field Station
    God has called every generation to stand unflinchingly for Christ and His truth, and today is no different. Are you ready to stand though the heavens fall? Come aside with GYC West this summer for an unforgettable, outdoor experience down by the riverside at the Albion Field Station to prepare to stand in these last days for the final conflict ahead.
  8. Jun 21

    ARME Bible Camp

    Jun 21 – Jun 23
    ARME Bible Camp Dominican Republic
  9. Jun 27

    GYC Colombia

    Jun 27 – Jun 30
    GYC Colombia Colombia
  10. Jun 30

    ASI Youth for Jesus

    Jun 30 – Aug 3
    ASI Louisville
    We will be having Youth for Jesus in Louisville, Kentucky for the entire month. The program will include workshops, community service, community projects, outings, outreach and evangelistic meetings. July 31 to August 3 will be spent at the ASI International Convention and on Friday night a report of the project will be given. Transportation to ASI will be provided by YFJ but parents are responsible for getting their son or daughter to Louisville and back home again.
  11. Jul 24

    ARME Bible Camp

    Jul 24 – Jul 28
    ARME Bible Camp Brooklyn
  12. Jul 26

    GYC Atlantic Annual Conference

    Jul 26 – Jul 28
    GYC Atlantic Conference Center at Valley Forge
  13. Jul 31

    2019 ASI Convention

    Jul 31 – Aug 3
    ASI Louisville
    Each year, ASI members, supporters, and friends gather at the ASI International Convention to encourage one another and exchange ideas vital to their lay-driven ministry goals. The annual convention is an energetic, inspiring affair. Networks are formed, plans are made, and lay-people work together to achieve goals no individual or institution could accomplish alone. Those who attend the convention return to their local churches inspired and equipped to start lay outreach efforts in their own workplaces and communities.
  14. Aug 30

    GYC Southwest Annual Conference

    Aug 30 – Sep 2
    GYC Southwest Pine Springs Ranch Camp
  15. Oct 31

    2019 AMEN Conference

    Oct 31 – Nov 3
    AMEN World Golf Village Renaissance St. Augustine Resort
    Do you have a passion for medical evangelism? Do you wish you knew how to share Christ with your patients? Then the AMEN conference is for you! You will be inspired by spiritual presentations, blessed by personal testimonies and enjoy wonderful food & fellowship with other medical/dental professionals.
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