1. Sep 19

    Maranatha Convention

    Sep 19 – Sep 21
    Maranatha Volunteers International Trinity Life Center
    Join us in Sacramento for a weekend of inspiring storytelling: Heartfelt volunteer testimonies Inspiring stories of transformation from the mission field Simple and effective ways you can help All activities are free of charge, including Sabbath lunch.
  2. Sep 26

    3ABN Fall Campmeeting

    Sep 26 – Sep 28
    Three Angels Broadcasting Network 3ABN Studios
    If you haven't attended a 3ABN Camp Meeting, you're missing out on a blessing you won't find anywhere else! 3ABN Camp Meeting usually occurs twice each year: once in the spring, and again in the fall. More than a thousand people come from all over the United States, and often from around the world to attend on campus. Join us this year as we welcome Doug Batchelor and Elder Ted N.C. Wilson as we study the theme "Living Above the Crowd".
  3. Sep 27

    F5 Challenge: Zion

    Sep 27 – Sep 30
    F5 Challenge Zion National Park
    We are a community of like-minded adventurers who will be exploring what God has to show us in Zion National Park.
  4. Oct 31

    2019 AMEN Conference

    Oct 31 – Nov 3
    AMEN World Golf Village Renaissance St. Augustine Resort
    Do you have a passion for medical evangelism? Do you wish you knew how to share Christ with your patients? Then the AMEN conference is for you! You will be inspired by spiritual presentations, blessed by personal testimonies and enjoy wonderful food & fellowship with other medical/dental professionals.
  5. Oct 31

    Secrets Unsealed Annual Summit

    Oct 31 – Nov 3
    Secrets Unsealed Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite
    The theme this year will be: The Remnant of Her Seed. Featuring speakers Stephen Bohr, Vicki Griffin, Norman McNulty, Kameron Devasher, Eliezer Castańón, Melvin Blue, and Rodney Laurel, with music by Alessandra Sorace.
  6. Jan 01

    GYC: By Many or by Few

    Jan 1, 2020 – Jan 4, 2020
    GYC Louisville
    Through God’s power, a small group of people can change the world. Jonathan and his armor-bearer had the audacity to believe in this power. While their army cowered in caves, these two men stepped out in faith and conquered their enemy. If God’s cause can triumph with two, what could He do with thousands radically committed to His glory?
  7. Mar 09

    Anchor School of Theology: Revelations 7 Trumpets

    Mar 9, 2020 – Mar 14, 2020
    Secrets Unsealed Secrets Unsealed
    Revelation’s seven seals (Revelation 6:1-8:1) have long been a topic of animated discussion among Adventists, Protestants and the world in general. The Sabbath School quarterly recently dedicated three lessons to this topic. Obviously, it is impossible to comprehend fully the meaning of the seals in just three short lessons so we will dedicate an entire week to their study.
  8. Apr 08

    Pathway To Health

    Apr 8, 2020 – Apr 10, 2020
    Your Best Pathway To Health Indianapolis
    Pathway To Health is coming to Indianapolis, Indiana!
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