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  1. Feb 19

    Maranatha Camp Alamisco

    Feb 3 – Feb 21
    Maranatha Volunteers International Camp Alamisco

    Camp Alamisco (AL) Project is one of our many efforts based in North America. Each year, Maranatha works with organizations in the United States and Canada to provide volunteer labor for various construction or renovation projects.

  2. Mar 05

    Oon Jai Thailand Health

    Mar 5 – Mar 15
    Oon Jai Foundation Thailand

    Provide vision care, along with nutrition guides and preventative methods to stay healthy.

  3. Mar 11

    Quiet Hour Cuba Mission

    Mar 11 – Mar 22
    Quiet Hour Ministries Niquero

    Come Join Pastors Cory Herthel and Darryl Bentley for an energizing and enthusiastic mission to Pilón & Niquero, Cuba. Share your passion of Jesus’ love and have a life changing experience!

  4. Mar 15

    ASAP Cambodia

    Mar 15 – Mar 29
    ASAP Cambodia

    Help construct a new literacy school and conduct evangelistic meetings and Vacation Bible School in Tuol Chan. Excursions include sightseeing and shopping in the capital city of Phnom Penh.

  5. Mar 16

    Quiet Hour Ethiopia Mission

    Mar 16 – Mar 29
    Quiet Hour Ministries Gimbi

    Be part of the seed planting opportunity for a new part of Ethiopia where QHM has not served before. Come join Quiet Hour Ministries’ team to share the love of Jesus in Gimbie, Ethiopia, and have a life changing experience!

  6. Mar 19

    Oon Jai Thailand Construction

    Mar 19 – Mar 29
    Oon Jai Foundation Thailand

    Help with preliminary construction of a dormitory building.

  7. May 01

    TMI: Papua New Guinea

    May 1 – May 17
    Total Member Involvement Papua New Guinea

    More information coming soon.

  8. May 18

    Quiet Hour Kenya Mission

    May 18 – May 31
    Quiet Hour Ministries Kampala

    Our QHM team had their first mission trip to Maasai, Kenya in 2018. The meetings went so well that we have been invited back to serve at 5 new sites. Join Quiet Hour Ministries and be a part of the team in Maasai, Kenya.